We are a web and mobile development firm active since 2013, with a team of geeks, which includes around thirty young engineers with a great sense of organization and creativity, always available to make your projects a reality. With us, nothing is left to chance, everything is planned and implemented in action by respecting methodologies and using the latest technologies.


We work hard, every day, to be among the most trusted and recognized digital service providers in the world. Obviously, our firm relies on advanced technologies and methods, up to the expectations of our customers, to provide them with a quality product / service.
The relationship with our employees is one of our keystones! A humanly concrete relationship, professionally rewarding. We especially care about the quality.

Our Values

We are constantly open, honest, resourceful and we respect a code of ethics.
We do our best, the best that we can
Ideas are born, materialize, and reborn from their ashes
United in heart and mind, we are here to motivate, inspire and engage others.

We aspire that Piximind becomes a CULTURE .

A strong presence at
the international

Our experience has allowed us to establish win-win partnership relationships with companies from all over the world. We have learned to surpass ourselves so that our achievements speak for us.

Are you the #Next challenge ?

You have an idea for a project to entrust to us, or you are looking for a strategic partner, you are two clicks away from our ingenuity! do you like it?