Piximind provides you with an elite of its team to support yours or to outsource your activity. At reasonable costs, and according to our methodologies, our experts are the winning formula that has enabled us to position ourselves among our competitors.

Here are some projects that we had the honor to contribute with the help of our partners, which we reveal to you following their agreement.
Of course, there are so many others! But, respecting our commitments. Confidentiality is one of our unchanging values.

Fixed-Scope Fixed-Price

You can count on us for the realization of part or all of your project, in a perfect fusion, while respecting your requirements in terms of quality and deadline.

Remote Dedicated Team

If your need is changing over time and you cannot immediately define the period of time necessary to get out of it? We put a Pixis team at your service for a specific period so that we can bring your project to fruition.

Open your embassy

As we are well aware of the needs of the job market, and as we have a high-performance team that is always ready to take on new challenges, you can take the opportunity to have your own embassy with us, whether by the creation of your team or by lending you ours.

Resource placement

Strengthen your team by advocating for a staff augmentation in line with your project. You can choose the “adequate” profiles for a Remote Dedicated Team mission, in a medium or long term, in your territory, via recruitment obeying a strict and transparent procedure.

An experience that says
a lot …

A synergy
at all levels

Always equal to itself, Piximind guarantees you a perfect symbiosis at all levels so that you have the impression that everything is taking place, at home and under your control!

Processes rather
than promises

Anyone can pretend he's a good speaker and juggle words. As for the Pixis, they do not believe in empty promises, believe in processes, work methodologies that we adapt from yours, or take advantage of ours for a fluid collaboration, effective and successful communication, a work methodology product oriented.

Agile / Scrum
or Kanban teams

Our process is mainly based on agility, Kanban, or Scrum. We have had the experience of working on this platform focused on product value, rather than respecting classic specifications with their imperfections and shortcomings. It is possible to implement these methods, indifferently in a fixed price or regulated context.


Communication, whether internally or with our partners, is one of our secret ingredients to fully meet your needs! To do this, our firm has a multilingual team to interact and communicate with you with ease and familiarity.

of experience in Offshoring





Are you the #Next challenge ?

You have an idea for a project to entrust to us, or you are looking for a strategic partner, you are two clicks away from our ingenuity! do you like it?