Building a sandcastle is so beautiful, so fun, and sandcastles crumble with the first wave crushing them! On the other hand, building a concrete building is not easy with two hands and a bucket of clay! Hence the importance of a method ensuring the management of the various successive stages to achieve this objective.


A successful project inevitably goes through a set of essential steps, namely good design. This requires the definition of your needs, of the actors of your project, of its environment, and the various possible constraints resulting from it. We then develop a detailed backlog offering a clear and objective work plan, and responding to the different user journeys.

Prototyping & Design

Based on a matrix of functionalities and actors. The UX design team creates a Wireframe model that meets all possible use cases. Once the model is validated, our UI designers translate the wireframes into attractive final interfaces and reflect the graphic charter of the application or your company. As soon as the visual is ready, our UX writer will take care of writing the beautiful expressions as calls to action (Call To Action).

Web & Mobile development

Our development team defines the environment, architecture, and technical components of the application. The functionalities and interfaces will then be developed with full agility, under several iterations of 2-4 weeks before presenting the evolution to the stakeholders. During the implementation, the developers will be supported by the QA team, the DevOps, alongside a management team, made up of a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, a Team Lead and a Tech lead.

Testing and validation

The test begins before the development phase, based on the functional and technical constraints of the application, from which a test plan and quality of integration of the interfaces derive. At the end of the development part, the integrity of the tests (acceptance, UI) will be carried out by adding other tests (Security, load, etc.). We focus on the source code charter and the integration of unit tests in our production chain.

Publication et maintenance

We stay by your side during the agreed warranty period, then we can continue to improve, enrich and update your sites and applications as part of a maintenance contract.

A quality process from kickoff to closing

Our working methods are ensured by a quality process to ensure the level of quality defined in advance. Several types of test are possible.

We integrate DevOps

DevOps technology is revolutionizing the field of web and mobile development, through the establishment of lean manufacturing rules within the workplace. These technologies, based on a product delivered regularly to the customer in an environment of continuous improvement, aim to have more efficiency, align the objectives between dev and ops, have a faster time to market to finally deliver to the end customer a quality product with high added value.

An Agile team

The progress of the project is carefully monitored by our team, thanks to the transparency of information and the traceability of the tasks carried out, or to be carried out. The use of the Agile methodology has been of great use to us and has demonstrated its effectiveness over the projects as long as we have known how to handle its various techniques, secrets during the design, planning, development phase. 'execution, from the test to the final delivery of the product.

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